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St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Just as there are two cathedrals in County Cork, there are two cathedrals in Dublin. Except this time, neither one ...
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St. Colman's Cathedral, Cloyne

St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cloyne, Co. Cork

Heading east from Cork, I decided to skip St. Colman's Cathedral in Cobh (of the Roman Catholic diocese of Cloyne ...
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Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork

As an architect specializing in religious design, the story of the design & construction of Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral is ...
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Ardfert Cathedral site

Ardfert Cathedral, County Kerry

After a traditional Irish breakfast at a local pub in Limerick, I headed west to the town of Ardfert, near ...
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Interior of St. Mary the Virgin Cathedral in Limerick, Ireland

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick, Ireland

There is nothing quite like arriving at Shannon Airport at 7:35 am, picking up your right-hand drive rental car and ...
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Ireland Tour of 2018

Ireland Tour of 2018

It's been a long time since I posted about my research travels. Although I covered my first trip in 2014 ...
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Worship space seating – where do you stand?

Churches without seating Many people are surprised when they walk into European churches and don't see any pews. They wonder why ...
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Notre Dame Drawing

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

Did you know that Victor Hugo had a significant role in the life of Notre-Dame de Paris (as the cathedral ...
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Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France

Little did I know, when I arrived at the Basilique Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres that I would be walking into the midst ...
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Jim’s Story – Part Three

When he started the firm in 1993 and decided to specialize in church design, Jim had every intention of making ...
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