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Photos of the interior of Corpus Christi Church in Round Lake, NY and of James Hundt at his desk in his office in Schenectady

Jim’s Story – 27-year retrospective

It's been seven years since the last post in the continuing saga of Jim's story. Last October, while writing an ...
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This image shows a large traditional Catholic church

Why I am so very grateful for the Second Vatican Council

I was not quite 5 years old when Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council and had just turned ...
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Choir director at Black Catholic Apostolate

Plenty Good Room at Black Catholic Apostolate

Plenty Good Room: The Spirit and Truth of African American Catholic Worship is the title of the 1990 liturgical document ...
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Sagrada Familia

Extraordinary Architectural Experiences

Speaking of the Sagrada Familia, I recently saw a reference to an article published several years ago in Faith & ...
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Jim’s Story – Part Three

When he started the firm in 1993 and decided to specialize in church design, Jim had every intention of making ...
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baby changing stations in churches

Thoughts for Father’s Day 2014

The very first church I ever designed - Helderberg Reformed Church - was back in 1986. At that time, public ...
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Our Lady of Mercy Church after the 1970's renovation

Our Lady of Mercy converted!

Last night I attended an event at Macedonia Baptist Church in Albany, NY hosted by the Men's Fellowship. After the ...
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St. Patrick's Church

What to do with all these closed churches?

The demolition of St. Patrick's Church in Watervliet, NY earlier this year was one of the saddest things I've seen ...
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TCC Exterior

Jim’s Story – Part Two

Once he got to high school, he exchanged his boyhood moniker of Jimmy for the more mature "Jim". He took ...
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Jim’s Story – Part One

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jimmy. Jimmy was a very creative boy. He liked to sing ...
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