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St. Joseph Parish Existing Church

St. Joseph Parish prepares for construction

In the twenty-six years since its founding, St. Joseph's Korean Catholic Church has continued to grow, just as the number of ...
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It’s All About the Process

When churches are thinking about renovating or building, the point at which they decide to hire an architect varies greatly ...
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Santiago Calatrava's design process

Santiago Calatrava’s design process

In this short but interesting video, architect Santiago Calatrava explains his process for the design of the new St. Nicholas ...
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A Pastor's Perspective on the Mission of the Physical Plant

A Pastor’s Perspective on the Mission of the Physical Plant

One of the most challenging moments for many a Buildings & Grounds or Master Plan Committee member is when they ...
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‘Tis the season for gift giving!

Have you ever been offered a beautiful piece of furniture but were afraid that it wouldn't fit in your house? ...
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Master Plan diagrams for Good Ground Family Church in Cohoes, NY

Master Planning Process – Phase V

Developing the Master Plan The final phase of the research feasibility analysis process is the documentation of a Master Plan ...
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Master Planning Process – Phase IV

Consensus-Seeking Phase Consensus decision-making calls for church members to let go of their vested interests and their personal agendas. They ...
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Master Planning Process - Phase II

Master Planning Process – Phase II

Identifying Programmatic Requirements One of the most important steps in this process is accurately identifying programmatic requirements. Meetings will be ...
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Revitalized congregation balances tradition, embraces future

In March 2005, James Hundt, Architect completed a Master Plan for Adirondack Community Church. This is the story of the ...
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Introduction to the Master Plan Process for Churches

One of the most challenging journeys in the life of a congregation is the process of renovating or building new ...
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