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New worship space at St. Joseph Church by Foresight Architects

The light of the new worship space at St. Joseph Church shines out

We have been working with St. Joseph Church in Demarest since June of 2014. We recently completed the first phase ...
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Liturgical furnishings at St. Joseph Church in Demarest, NJ by Foresight Architects & Artsphere Consulting, LLC

Dedication Mass at St. Joseph Church, Demarest

This video, shot by KCB, records the entire dedication Mass on Saturday, November 26, 2016. Please note that the poor ...
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Worship space seating – where do you stand?

Churches without seating Many people are surprised when they walk into European churches and don't see any pews. They wonder why ...
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Making the Case for Custom-Designed Liturgical Artwork

Making the Case for Custom-Designed Liturgical Artwork

Although many building committees think of liturgical art as an “add-on” at the end of the project, our experience shows ...
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Sagrada Familia

Extraordinary Architectural Experiences

Speaking of the Sagrada Familia, I recently saw a reference to an article published several years ago in Faith & ...
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St. Joseph Parish Existing Church

St. Joseph Parish prepares for construction

In the twenty-six years since its founding, St. Joseph's Korean Catholic Church has continued to grow, just as the number of ...
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Interior Courtyard

A Camel in Columbus This Is Not

As a person who works with committees, I've heard the expression more than once that a camel is a horse ...
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A rocking chair at Corpus Christi Church, Round Lake. Four similar chairs are scattered throughout the worship space.

What about those Cry Rooms?

Every once in a while, a committee asks about having a Cry Room in their church. Having raised four children ...
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Two King’s Chapels

King Louis IX was quite a remarkable man and leader. The only French monarch to be canonized, he had a ...
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Notre Dame Drawing

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

Did you know that Victor Hugo had a significant role in the life of Notre-Dame de Paris (as the cathedral ...
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