Jim’s Story – Part Three

When he started the firm in 1993 and decided to specialize in church design, Jim had every map-of-cathedralsintention of making regular trips abroad to study the great cathedrals of the world. In fact, he owned a book titled “The Horizon Book of Great Cathedrals”, published in 1968, and was determined to see each of the 43 Greatest Cathedrals of Western Europe listed, so that he could better understand the evolution of church architecture and become a better church architect. He had already been to OrvietoSt. Peter’s in Rome and the Florence Cathedral so he only had 40 more to go!

Well, it’s been over twenty years since then and, alas, no great voyages to see the cathedrals of the world. He had seen several cathedrals in North America, both old and new, but none of the pre-twentieth century “masterworks”. That is, until last week. Last week Jim traveled to France and Italy to study the great cathedrals and other churches of note to observe, learn and experience what church architects before him had done to create sacred spaces for the people of their times. The next several blog posts will document Jim’s visits to these sacred places and share his experiences with his readers. He hopes you enjoy it and are encouraged to visit a few of these places yourself.

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