St. Multose Church, Kinsale

Originally a medieval fishing port, the coastal enclave of Kinsale in County Cork is famous for its beauty and rich history. Visitors to Kinsale are captivated by its spectacular waterfront setting and mediaeval influences. Brightly coloured buildings vie for attention with the glorious harbor which sustains the town. It is here where you will find St. Multose Church.

Tower of St Multrose Church, Kinsale

This historic church is one of the most important landmark buildings of Kinsale. Originally built in 1190, this church has undergone various improvements and additions throughout its 800-year history. The most dominant feature, the impressive belltower, is in fact one of the few remaining features from the original Norman church with the fourth stage and its decorations being added in 1750. It is at this church where I first saw something I was to see at other churches in Ireland; that is, portions of the building left in ruins, attached to the rest of the building. Such was the case with the south transept of St. Mulrose Church, pictured below.

Ruins of south transept of St Multose Church, Kinsale

Inside the church are beautiful tile floors and a large amount of excellent carved timber ornamentations such as the pulpit, altar, and organ casework. Notice the painted zinc plates erected in pitch pine arcades and dating from the 1880’s. They bear the Apostles Creed, Lord’s prayer and Ten Commandments, knowledge of which were necessary for confirmation.

Interior of St Multose Church, Kinsale

Also notable is an ancient square stone baptismal font sitting on 5 columns at the entrance to the main aisle. Perhaps the stone floor that it sits upon is designed for the pouring of water over baptismal candidates as they kneel near the font.

Font at St Multose Church, Kinsale

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