Spaces where God can be found

Church of Christ the King by Foresight ArchitectsI’ve written a few times before about millennials and their presence (or lack thereof) in the church today. The Aspen Group in Frankfort, IL has continued to fund research into this area and has recently produced a very interesting video on the topic. What I like best about this video is that the subject of the video – creating spaces where God can be found – is not just of interest when it comes to 18- to 29-year olds. The themes discovered through the research can certainly apply to people of all ages – particularly the unchurched or those fallen away from the church.

This topic has been discussed by architects, clergy, building committees and churchgoers for centuries. If you are curious about what is takes to create a space where God can be found and have seven and a half minutes to spare, take a look at this video and see what you think. Feel free to share your reaction here on the blog.

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