St. Pius X Church, Montville, NJ

St. Pius X Church Site Master PlanThe Liturgical Design Theme for this new, 778-seat church in Northern New Jersey is “From Glory to Glory: Being Made Holy” based on Hebrews 10:14 and 2 Corinthians 3:18. The building, by its floor plan, its ceiling structure, and its antiphonal seating arrangement speaks clearly of journey. This is illustrated as one approaches the Worship Space, beginning with the etched glass at the entry to the Worship Space, the stained glass above the font, the font itself, a meandering floor pattern (journey line) that travels from the font, under the ambo, under the altar, and to the large window wall filled with stained glass at the opposite end. A second kind of journey, the Way of the Cross, is also integrated into the design of the building with a series of fifteen places of movement and reflection, that will eventually serve as settings for the fifteen Stations of the Cross, which will be designed in various media by selected artists.

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