Can a Church Be a Place of Action and a Place of Rest?

Visitors to the chapel are greeted by a beautiful garden with a view of the assembly space.

A recent blog post by Clint Jenkin, vice president of research for the Barna Group, asks this important question, specifically about newer churches being built today. Their research shows that Millennials found plenty to like about the megachurch, but no one had thought of it as a place to go and pray. Instead, they heard comments like, “I could come do my homework here” when they saw the coffee shop with comfortable couches and free Wi-Fi.

Although there are some who would suggest that only “traditional” church architecture can achieve this goal, I would beg to differ. I believe that design that “creates a link between the human and the divine”, to quote Mr. Jenkin, is achievable in any architectural design. It just takes a little more thought and creativity to do so in non-traditional design vocabularies.

I would love to hear readers’ thoughts on what makes a place a place of rest and prayer for them.

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