One of the most challenging journeys in the life of a congregation is the process of renovating or building new facilities. When you are planning a journey, it helps to have a clear idea of the direction you are heading. No matter how small or large the finished project may be, the path to get there may seem long and difficult. Starting off on this journey without a map can lead to many wrong turns and dead ends. The Master Planning Process provides a roadmap for the journey of church


Whether you are contemplating purchasing an existing building or you already own one or more buildings and want to be able to plan for future maintenance and repairs, the staff at FORESIGHT can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. To date, we have completed comprehensive facility evaluations of more than eighty-five buildings for thirty different clients.


We offer a complete range of architectural services. We provide programming, feasibility studies, renderings, space planning, building design, interior design, complete construction documents, and construction observation for clients in the eastern United States. We typically team with a select group of other professionals to bring the highest level of technical expertise to each project.