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Notre Dame Drawing

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

Did you know that Victor Hugo had a significant role in the life of Notre-Dame de Paris (as the cathedral ...
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Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France

Little did I know, when I arrived at the Basilique Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres that I would be walking into the midst ...
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Sacre Coeur Exterior

First stop – Sacré-Cœur, Paris, France

Sitting atop the highest hill in Paris (Montmarte), the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur is the second highest structure in Paris - ...
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Jim’s Story – Part Three

When he started the firm in 1993 and decided to specialize in church design, Jim had every intention of making ...
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baby changing stations in churches

Thoughts for Father’s Day 2014

The very first church I ever designed - Helderberg Reformed Church - was back in 1986. At that time, public ...
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St. Moritz Church, Augsburg, Germany Photo © Gilbert McCarragher

Does your church feel more like a museum than a place of worship?

In these days of diminishing urban congregations still trying to hold onto beautiful historic buildings, sometimes it is not hard ...
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Visitors to the chapel are greeted by a beautiful garden with a view of the assembly space.

Can a Church Be a Place of Action and a Place of Rest?

A recent blog post by Clint Jenkin, vice president of research for the Barna Group, asks this important question, specifically ...
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Zürich Churches Join the 2000-Watt Challenge

In a referendum held in 2008, three-quarters of the Zürich population voted in favour of achieving the 2000-Watt Society by ...
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Angels come to Allendale

Angels come to Allendale

On Saturday, April 5, the Most Reverend John W. Flesey, D.D., Regional Bishop of Bergen County and Rev. Charles Pinyan ...
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Relic box

The mystery of the Guardian Angel relics

When the Church of the Guardian Angel in Allendale, NJ was built in the 1950's, it had a beautiful black ...
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